Dschinni Legend Alu Cherry Wood Hookah

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The Legend – Precious Wood – High Borosilikatglass

A Hookah that you just can not get your eyes off. With the Legend we payed special attention to every little detail and worked with the most elaborate methods to make the Legend an absolute eye-cather. The technical processing and quality was done with the most exclusive material and leaves no wish unfulfilled. You can clearly see and feel every detail and you can tell that exclusively the best material was used.

The Legend combines the tradition with the modern. There are 7 different model variants with there own price categories, they differ in material and production methods.

The Bowl

The bowl is made of High Borosilikat Glass 3.3 and is just one of the legends many highlights. Compared to other glass bowls you can see a real crystal morphology, wich means that we do not just see a crystal like form carved into the glass, instead you can really see a 3D structure of the glass, here you should keep in mind that it is Borosilikat Glass 3.3, wich is the best glass material on the market, therefore it is even harder to realize such a exquisite design. In laboratories The thermal and extremely strong glass is not mandatory for no reason. Due to its hardness and the extremly high temperatures that are needed to form the glass, you can only imagine the amount of work put into this project to produce such a beautiful bowl.

Various crystal forms have been processed and implemented with extra attention to detail. The base has prism shapes, with beautiful design, all around it.  For the past 3 years, Dschinni has been working on this technique in order to perfect their craft and design this beautiful bowl. The thick and with crytal shapes embossed base just super beautiful and unique. In combination with LED lights it looks even better because the light breaks in every direction.

This very good looking handmade bowl is made from Borosilikat Glass 3.3 and is unique on the entire market.

Base and Bowladapter

The inside and the base of the Dschinni Legend are made of anodized aluminium, that means that all parts of the hookah that could come in contact with the steam are made of corrosion-resistant material.

The hoseadapter as well as the blow-out valve have a 14.5 cut wich allows you to connect modern silicone hose as well as traditional leather hose with wooden end.

Smoking experience

The smoking experience is unmistakably traditional and straight to the point. Since it is a traditional product range, the use of a diffusor is unnecessary, because with the legend you want to hear the traditional sounding bubble. The enjoyable passage of the smoke is guaranteed. The passage is smooth and straight to the point.

Die Legend leaves no wish unfulfilled.

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