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Kaya Conebash CS Complete Set

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  • Brand - Kaya

  • Product - Complete Hookah Set

  • Model - Conebash

  • Style - Glass

  • Colour - Clear

Kaya Conebash CS Complete Set

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The Conebash CS Complete Set by Kaya-Shisha consists of:

1 x Conebash CS Edition Bowl
1 x Glass plate
2 x Cone Connection hose adapters
1 x Downtube (ca. 20.5cm)
1 x Silicone hose, transparent
1 x Disc-4Tex Tobacco Cup
1 x Slight Line XS Glassmouthpiece

In the bottom of the Conebash bowl, there is a hutch, where you can position an LED set.


It has to be handled with care, but is extremely stylish at the same time - the Conebash CS glass hookah set offers you a medium sized water pipe, which is suitable for two smokers.

Special features of Conebash:

The Conebash glass is equipped with two male 18.8mm glass ground joints, which are used with the enclosed Cone Connections (with check valve) as hose connections. For this, the delivery includes a silicone hose and a glass mouthpiece. The hookah glass also has a recess that allows the use of an LED module to illuminate the hookah from below.

The two 29.2 ground joints of the downtube and the glass ash plate allow the additional installation of a glass molasses catcher.

More information:

You can also equip the hookah with a metal ash plate using a 29.2 Konik bowl adapter. In this case, however, the installation of a molasses catcher or similar glass insert is essential to create the necessary distance to the Cone Connections.

For use with two smokers, an additional hose and a mouthpiece must be ordered.