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Kaya Clear ELOX Tradi-Wood Red 2S

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  • Brand - Kaya

  • Product - Complete Hookah Set

  • Model - ELOX 

  • Sub - Wood

  • Colour - Red/Clear/Wood

  • Height - 83cm

Kaya Clear ELOX Tradi-Wood Red 2S

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Details about Clear ELOX Tradi-Wood Red 2S by Kaya-Shisha:

1 Smoke stem-SET ELOX Bright Wood with a shaft of wood to be plugged on the bowl
1 Hose connection "CUT", upgradeable to 2
1 Glass bowl "Clear 30CM"
1 Silicone hose set with Alugrip mouthpiece
1 Downtube of silver-color aluminum with slithole diffusor
1 Terracotta tobacco cup
1 Ash plate red anodized

Entire height: ca. 83cm

The delivered hookah might optically differ from the one in the picture.


Complete smoke-stem set made of red anodized aluminum, consisting of a plugged base, an ash plate, a head adapter and two  valves screwed on the base for hose connections – 

The shaft is coated with thick bright wood!

One of the two hose valves on the base is equipped with the connections to connect a hose simply by means of a "CUT" hose adapter with 18.8 cut size. A further valve is closed, but can also be fitted to become a hose connection.

The hookah includes a hose-mouthpiece set, consisting of a red silicone hose, which is easy to clean, and a red aluminum mouthpiece "Alugrip", which contributes to the cooling of the smoke.

The "Clear 30CM" is a 
glossy and transparent glass.