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Kaya Black ELOX WSP1 Amun Plug Blue 2S

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  • Brand - Kaya

  • Product - Complete Hookah Set

  • Model - ELOX 

  • Sub - WSP1

  • Colour - Blue/Black/Clear

  • Height - 67cm

Kaya Black ELOX WSP1 Amun Plug Blue 2S

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Details about Black ELOX WSP1 Amun Plug Blue 2S by Kaya-Shisha:

1 Amun smoke stem-SET ELOX blue
- Closed Chamber
2 Hose stations with connection adapters 18.8 "CUT", one closed by a lid
1 Glass bowl "Black WSP1 plug-in-bowl"
1 Silicone hose set with Aluslim mouthpiece from aluminium
1 Tobacco bowl of clay
1 ELOX downtube slithole diffuser

Height ca. 67cm

The base has a so-called closed chamber, which reduces its volume. This makes it easier to blow out the somewhat stale smoke after longer smoke breaks, and makes it easier to suck in the fresh smoke at the same time. The base is equipped with two hose connections with 18.8 mm CUT hose adapter. Another valve is closed with a lid, but can also be equipped with a hose adapter.

A color-matching hose set consists of an easy-care silicone hose and a cooling aluminum carbon mouthpiece.
A color-matching silicone tobacco bowl with a phunnel insert of clay is added to the set.

There is no threaded part on the bottleneck, the base is attached with click-lock on a PLUG-IN connector.