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Shisha Pearls

Shisha Pearls has revolutionized the traditional principles of the shisha smoking. Extensive research and development has resulted in our top-of-the-line hookah product that will transform the Shisha Smoking world forever!

Shisha Pearls provide hookah smokers with the same great flavour and thick clouds as one would get with regular tobacco, without the health risks linked with tobacco. Shisha Pearls can be used in any hookah, in place of the traditional water pipe tobacco. 

Traditional hookah tobacco contains glycerin, molasses, flavouring and tobacco leaves. Shisha Pearls replaces the tobacco leaf with a 100% natural, extremely pure compressed sea sand. The pearls are exceptionally porous and soak up the glycerin and flavouring thus giving a longer smoking duration.

 When heat is applied to the hookah head containing the Shisha Pearls, the aromatic liquid contained inside reach their boiling point and effectively vaporizes into a thick, flavorful steam. As the steam is drawn through the hookah it is cooled down so that each puff is a satisfyingly fresh burst of flavour.

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